Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shenme the H?

Story behind the blog: You can read about life and (frequently skewed) insights on my life in Taiwan at this other blog. Please do. Maybe some pretty pictures too.

This blog's for things that have made me, turn my head, ask "come again?", smile, or perhaps exclaim "Shenme the H?!?" Most frequently this will be (mis)use of English on clothing, signs, etc., funny pictures and cartoons (love the toons here - even construction sight warnings are friendlier), or those self-explanatory head-turning items.

Story behind the name: Half English, Half Chinese expression from coworkers. "Shenme" is pinyin for 甚麼/什麼/什么 or "what" in Chinese. You fill in the "H". Trust me, there be reasons aplenty to say this on a regular basis.

"Shenme the H?" is a borrowed expression, like every funny and unfunny thing I've said in my life (outside the rare creative recant of something that did/didn't happen to me during the day).

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