Thursday, April 10, 2008

God Is Lonely Too

This idea has popped into my head a few times over the years: if gGod is everything, all-knowing and all-being, then there very well can't be anything outside of it (sat and asat), so he must be a lonely bugger (life that is).  

Thus the breakdown of all-being into multiple forms, and these forms necessarily complex, and limited in knowledge (the tree, the dog, the human) to it's own condition of existence, in order to mask the inherent oneness from which gGod can't separate itself. We call this life.

So, gGod as all-being is a lonely toddler with no playmate,

and too, gGod as all beings are as confused as toddlers, mesmerized by their own existence and intentionally made to live alone and unaware of their limitless connectivity,

in every form, needs snack food. Thus 浪味仙, or "Wave Flavor God." My Chinese isn't good enough to tell you if it's "a God that Tastes like Waves" or "a God who Brings Waves of Flavor", but either way he's just "Lonely God" in English. (re: the Chinese, I'd opt for translation 2 based on the chips being 泡菜口味 or "Kimchi Flavored", so no point in naming the chip flavor twice.

Thanks to Julie for this submission.

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