Monday, June 16, 2008

Temple Merry-Go-Round

So, with a Catholic upbringing, I have no room to talk about church extracurriculars (BINGO!), but a lot of temples around here tend to make an amusement park out of their most beloveds...

For example, at this Daoist temple in Keelung, families can ride go-karts, play ring-toss, and line up to bang the 20 foot religious bell, all under the merciful eye of Guanyin and playful smile of a jolly-fat Buddha.

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Naruwan said...

Not a fan of jolly fat buddhas. They seem tacky in a way, as if they are the Santa-cized version of the serene Buddha. I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason for having a jocund blubber buddha, but aesthetically I prefer the at one with cosmos mellow chap.